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XlsToDB2 - Import Excel to DB2 easy and quickly. Main features: 1. Automatic match tables and fields. 2
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22 December 2014

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This is a software tool that helps import data in Excel sheets into DB2 databases automatically.

Oftentimes you need to import data in Excel sheets to your enterprise database based on DB2. Sometimes it is for doing further analysis having done preliminary ones in Excel. Other times, like when you are implementing an enterprise database and there are a lot of data locked up in Excel sheets, where all the analysis used to be done earlier. A tool that can do the job automatically would be of immense help! This is one such tool. You are able to set up the configuration in the graphical user interface, visually. Select the excel file, the specific sheet you need, select the columns of data that is to be exported, etc. visually by simple mouse clicks. Save and reload sessions to save on your time so that for a similar session, you can simply use the stored parameters.

The interface wizard would take you step by step through the process of setting up an export session. The tool can handle all kinds of data, including BLOB and CLOB types. As the application supports Unicode, the data can be in all kinds of languages, including the multi byte Asian languages. The process progress can be closely monitored. Besides the progress bar, there are some stats that are shown. These include display of percentage of transfer done, number of records out of total records transferred, elapsed time as well as remaining time indications are available. Import preview ensures everything is set up correctly.

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XlsToDB2 - Import Excel to DB2 easy and quickly. XlsToDB2 is a data conversion tool that helps database user to import Excel data to DB2.
Main features:
1. Automatic match tables and fields.
2. Batch import from multiple sheets at one time.
3. Import and see result, immediately.
4. Save configuration and run repeatedly, command line, scheduled task.
5. Wizard - step by step, or Direct import - efficient.
Version 2.1
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